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amazon picks for Travel

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I use mouth wash instead of water (not all water is safe from the faucet)
and it leaves your breath fresh.

Portable Water Pic

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For the person on the go, this portable tea kettle will fit nicely in your luggage.

Portable Electric Kettle

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Sometimes you just need a free hand and this Luggage Cup Holder comes in handy MANY Times.

Luggage Cupholder

Amazon Picks for Lifestyle

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This is a must have in my home for cold and flu season.

Tea Infuser

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I tried several products after having my achilles replaced.  This helped tremendously with healing and circulation.

Leg Massager

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I wanted something slim to hold all the remotes, scissor, pens, nail file that I keep near by.

I prefer to use an electric tea pot so it turns off automatically...just in case I forget I was boiling water.

I continue to whiten my teeth 2x per week since I am a coffee drinker.

Whether it is for the holidays, baby shower, picnics, this carrier handles the casserole and more!

When I asked my dentist about teeth whitening, he suggested trying the over-the-counter brands first.  So far, I like how this has been working.

Remote Control Holder

Electric Tea Pot

Smile Direct Capsules

Insulated Casserole Carrier

Smile Direct
Teeth Whitening

amazon picks for kids

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This travel backpack crib is the best gift for parents on the go or weekend visits at Mimi's!  Plush mattress for a good night sleep!  

Travel Crib

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Kids - Grandkids will love these hover soccer balls!

Hover Soccer Ball

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Looking for something educational for a toddler?

Puccy Toddler Computer