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Whether you are selling your home in Florida or anywhere in the US, finding the right agent for your home is the key to getting it sold.  You may not have the time to interview agents, check their background or review their marketing strategies.  As your Seller Assistant, I do this and more to find the right agent for you and get you to the closing table with ease.

Listing Agent:
I personally service Central Florida.  You will receive dedicated service from me and my group of top agents and service providers.  Whether you are moving across town to a senior facility or cross-country, I manage as many details as possible to make things less stressful for you.

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Buyer Beware is real.  It absolutely amazed me, how many buyers waived a home inspection in the recent market.  Home Inspectors are not perfect but they take their time and review the home top to bottom as best they can and give you a comprehensive report of their findings.  What inspections to have done, depends on where you are purchasing the home.  Most common inspections are:
  -  Home (this should include HVAC, plumbing, electrical,        hot water heater, roof...but confirm with your                           inspector  what is and is not included).
  -  Septic
  -  Well
  -  Radon
  -  Mold
  -  Roof
  -  Wind Mitigation
Ask your real estate professional what other inspections may be required / suggested for the area the home is in.

The buyer suite

Moving?   Selling?   Buying?
Not sure where to begin?  Feeling overwhelmed? 

I moved 17 times in 30+ years of marriage...I get it!  Moving is stressful, whether it is a corporate move, with kids, yourself, or a family member.  New schools, new town, new doctors, new customs, new people!  Let me help ease the weight on your shoulders by finding the right real estate professional for you.  One with experience in the market your moving from and the market you are moving to.  Someone with patience and knowledge of the vendors in those areas to assist you.

Simply start by clicking on the "Contact" page and send me some basic information so we can get started.  No obligation.

Referral Services

- Degrassi -

"Bought our house on Kim's recommendation without seeing the house.  We lived in Illinois and could not find the time to come down.  The first time we saw the house was on pre-closing inspection and we are happy here."

"Site Unseen."

- Ratieke -

"Kim coordinated everything that we needed to move into our home including a mail away closing package, painter, home inspector, handyman, electrician, lawncare and plumber.  Kim worked with the Sellers REALTOR to get items cured and then attended the closing on our behalf, delivering the keys after closing and documents to us when we were available the next day!  What a great find we made when we visited her open house!  We highly recommend Kim and the service she brings to the table."

"I can't say enough positive things!"

- conlon -

"Kim is beyond impressive!  She goes above and beyond any expectations one could have when it comes to working with a family either as a Seller Representative or working with a Buyer.  Due to our situation, we had many hoops to jump through with hard deadlines.  Kim met every last one and always with a smile on her face.  Additionally, when she does to make her new owners to feel at home, far succeeds any other realtor in the area...or any other area for that matter.  With Kim's "Let's get it done" attitude, you just automatically know her attention to detail, professionalism, and knowledge will always get the job done."

"I wholeheartedly recommend Joelle!"