Lipton Black Tea - Thyme (found in the spice aisle) - water - sugar - honey

1. Boil water (For I don't forget I started boiling water...I use an electric tea pot available in the SHOP).
2. While the tea pot is boiling the water, prepare the tea strainer (available in the SHOP).
3. The strainer comes in 3 pieces.  Remove the lid and strainer.  Place the tea bag in the cup.
4.  Place the strainer in the cup, fixing the tea bag to be on the side.
5. Place 1 Tbsp of Thyme in the strainer.
6. Pour the hot water into the strainer.  Place the lid on top for 3-4 minutes.
7. Remove the lid.  Remove the strainer and rinse it in the sink.  Remove the tea bag.
8. Place a slice of lemon on top .  Add sugar or honey if you wish.

Hot Thyme Tea with Lemon 


Cookie Recipe 

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